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BSBA Architects Win Housing Award

ESTON COMMUNITY VILLAGE – BSBA Architects win a major national award.

We are absolutely thrilled that Eston Community Village has been awarded “Best Residential Award” at the Inside Housing Development Awards, 2017.

It is particularly rewarding to receive recognition for a project in the North East, especially in the company of such high profile developments from across the country. It shows the genuine impact that Eston Community Village has had locally. It is something that we are immensely proud of. The judges view Eston Community Village as a “model for future care developments” and we do too. It’s an accolade that we are very proud of at BSBA Architects. The much celebrated Eston Community Village was shortlisted in two categories: Best Architectural Design and Best Residential Development.

The expert panel of judges chose BSBA Architects for showcasing “Design Excellence.” Eston Community Village has transformed the lives of local residents with dementia, mental health problems and learning difficulties. The design moves away from traditional, institutional care models, challenging perceptions often associated with mental healthby promoting independence within a supportive environment.

In our view, this sort of project shows the difference that thoughtful design can make to people’s lives. We are so proud when we hear from residents and their families that residents are enjoying a fulfilling life since they moved into Eston Community Village. The award is the icing on the cake. We’re sure the residents will be proud of it too.

The design aims to feel like home. We strive for the very best in supported living. We’ve been able to achieve this with careful design and innovative living solutions that combat loneliness by encouraging social engagement and independence.

The residents agree! Many have said that they feel much happier, more secure and that they would recommend it to friends.

“Before I came to live here I did not want to get out of bed. Since moving here I get up every day with assistance from the carers. I feel like I see more of life now. I can look through the living room window and see people. All the staff are good and make you feel good and I have a laugh and a joke with them. I go for lunch and sit with people and have a chat. No faults at all, I feel really, really happy.”  Eston Community Village Resident.

Residents may suffer sensory, mobility or cognitive impairments so details such as natural light, clear signage and direct access to nature take on paramount importance.

Creating a village-like atmosphere with bright, cheerful, dignified dwellings makes a huge difference to everyday life.

The buildings are easy to navigate which really is vital for dementia sufferers. The homes are modern and convenient with a strong supportive community to encourage independence, activity and self-sufficiency. This can actually help to reduce the need for medication.

Traditional settings such as a crescent, courtyard or square provide residents with a familiar, home-from-home atmosphere – so important for dementia sufferers.

“A model for future care developments.” A great way to end the year and look to the next one.


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