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Zero Carbon Waterside Development

We are delighted to hear that our work on The Waterside Development, Middleton, has been featured on the Zero Carbon Hub website. Celebrations are in order after learning that some homeowners have received zero energy bills in their first year of living at the development – with some being handed back more than £125!

Set within the grounds of Middleton Hall Retirement Village, residents can enjoy being surrounded by 17 acres of beautiful woodland and wetland and reap the benefits of their house’s eco credentials.

Jeremy Walford, Managing Director of the retirement village, said: “Low carbon homes have a reputation for not achieving their projected energy savings. The projections showed it was possible but we made a point of not telling buyers in case they did not perform so well in practice. To hear that some are getting back as much as £125 is fantastic.

Established in 2008, Zero Carbon Hub is a non-profit organisation which takes responsibility for ensuring that the government’s target of delivering zero carbon homes from 2016 is met. The Hub works with the government and industry, focusing on raising building standards and reducing risks when implementing zero carbon policies.

Each of the 37 bungalows are fitted with wood burning stoves, triple glazed windows and thick insulation and benefit from electricity generated from individual PV (photovoltaic) panels.

According to National Home Energy Rating Software, the highly insulated properties’ energy use for heating, hot water, lighting, cooking and appliances should be balanced by the electricity generated and income from the Feed-in-Tariff.

We’re so pleased to hear that the clients love the designs and are able to save money on their energy bills. Everybody involved is looking forward to the final Phase 5 to be completed in 2016.

The Zero Carbon Hub closed for business on 31st March 2016 but the information on the website is still accessible to all.


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