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Hackworth Close,



Project Description: 

Hackworth Close offers 14 new-build bungalows and single-level-living apartments for older persons on a brownfield site in a mature Ferryhill neighbourhood.

The layout is designed to encourage community formation and healthy, active lifestyles. Designed to knit into the existing development pattern, the arrangement provides active street frontages and a sealed south site perimeter with secure, safe and well-overlooked external areas.

Homes to the south of the site are arranged around a shared courtyard garden encouraging mutual support, aiming to combat isolation and loneliness. The courtyard also provides much needed safe play space for visiting grandchildren. A low-impact recreational trail through the existing wooded area encourages a healthy lifestyle for more able residents.

Dwellings are bright and contemporary inside-and-out. Large full-height windows help create up-lifting and cheerful homes with direct easy access to private, level gardens.

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